• The history of Arctic expeditions shows that no photographer has had the chance to stay long enough on the ice, look for an art project.

    Of the Arctic expedition of Fridtjof Nansen and the three years passed by the "Fram" on the Arctic Ocean brought very few photographs. None of the polar night. The work of filmmaker and photographer Frank Hurley Official Antarctic expeditions of Ernest Shackleton, allowed later to show the lives of these adventurers, trapped in the polar night of "Deep South" this time.

    So far no boat and no expedition had three years apart explored the Arctic Ocean and the Southern Ocean. I had this invaluable opportunity to board the schooner Tara. The expedition "Tara Arctic" offered me this opportunity during the polar winter 2007-2008, to capture the night in the far north.

    During the 2010-2011 austral summer, the expedition "Tara Oceans" has led me this time Weddell Sea and along the shores of the Antarctic Peninsula. These two trips to the poles have allowed me to capture, in black and white, the two major seasons that shape at that time the lives of these extreme latitudes of the planet. A unique opportunity.

    This pictorial testimony, documentary and art, offers a look about life in these remote areas of the globe. Two sanctuaries almost intact but so fragile. Like us.

    Blank but for how much longer?

    Vincent Hilaire

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